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The following video will give you a glimpse of what it might be like having a Lucia light meditation.  Experience a kaleidoscopic realm of colours and geometries by accessing a portal to your inner consciousness through the Lucia light.  A truly remarkable experience!  

Lucia has so many benefits, from assisting with sleep, PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression, SADS, and so much more!  It will take  you on a never experienced before journey and each experience is unique... no two are ever the same.  

What is is like to be under the light?

Many have asked this question.  I have created this short video to give you an idea as to what it "might be like" to have a Lucia Light Meditation.  Each experience is unique!  Your amazing mind will create the artistry for you - a colourful kaleidoscopic journey full of geometries and images... just remember, it is just white light that is flashing and flickering on the outside... the artistry is happening within!