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Healing Potential Changes States of Consciousness and Lucia No3

The often mentioned healing potential of changed states of consciousness prompted Dr. Dirk Proeckl and Dr. Engelbert Winkler to closer examine the neuro-psychological contexts of this phenomena.  In their effort, they included the most current conclusions of modern conscious research.  The result of their longstanding developmental work is the patented and meanwhile international award-winning meditation lamp - the Lucia No3.  A special software navigates nine light sources to optically stimulate the brain in diverse variations.  

Anyone who wishes to extend their breaths of consciousness and use it for their own growth, can now try this without dangerous side effects of psychoactive substances.  

A study done by the University of Sussex in 2015 confirms that the hypnagogic light experience initiated by the Lucia No3 enables changes states of consciousness.  As opposed to the psychoactive substances, the hypnagogic light experience is controllable, the application is legal, and does not harbour the danger of dependency.  


Study - University of Sussex

EEG Functional Connectivity and Phenomenology of Induced Dissociative States

A recent study conducted by the University of Sussex (UK) confirmed that dissociative states of consciousness can be triggered reliably and confidently with Lucia No3.  For the first time a neurostimulator is available that can open up the healing potential of such states of consciousness without having to resort to damaging or banned substances.  

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Study - University of Applied Sciences

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