Reported Benefits

  • Deeper sleep

  • Greater clarity

  • Wonder & joy

  • Pineal gland activation

  • Inner peace

  • Deep relaxation

  • Reset of central nervous system

  • Deeper meditations

  • Relief from anxiety and stress

  • Relief from depression and experiencing greater happiness

  • Assists in speeding up healing process

  • Increased learning capacity and performance

  • Greater creativity

  • Increased intuition

  • Deeper into your spiritual experiences

  • Feel like you are traveling in space with no limits around you  

  • In some cases, addictions just falling away  

  • More recent reports are finding that it is assisting people with addictions and Alzheimers 

Lucia No3 Light sessions have been reported to assist in the above and more.  As we are all so wonderfully unique, each person's experience is exclusive unto themselves.   Lucia works with the pineal gland and central brain of  each client's neurological system.  As each person's neurological system is unique, Lucia is only used as a meditative device.  The above noted points are reported benefits only!  

The wide spectrum of light has also been reported to have a great impact for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD's).

*Please Note*


Due to light and its effects on the brain, Enchanted Power Light Therapy maintains a zero tolerance for providing light sessions for anyone under the influence of any substance that may cause an adverse effect during a light session. This includes, but is not limited to: alcohol, recreational drugs, or prescription medications that may cause sensitivity to light.  The safety and enjoyment of our clients is our priority.

You should not use this light if:

  • You are under the influence of any substances listed above

  • You are pregnant

  • You have a history of epilepsy and/or seizures

  • You have a history of psychosis

  • You are on any medication that may make you sensitive to light 


The Lucia N°03 hypnagogic light machine is not a medical treatment.  Instead it turns to consciousness as a state of health and well-being that is always available when not obscured by daily distractions and thought processes.

Healing Potential by Changed States of Consciousness & Lucia N°03

Conclusions Dr. Engelbert Winkler 2016

Psychedelic Therapy with Lucia N°03

State of science - Essay Dr. Engelbert Winkler

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Researchers Test Flashing Light Therapy for Alzheimer’s

 Your Beauty is Timeless, Your Light is Endless

Believe this Sweet One

And Shine from the Inside Out!

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