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What is Your Take on the Great Awakening?

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

You hear it all over… “The Great Awakening”. Is it a spiritual thing, is it an awakening to what is really going on in our world, or is it a combination of both?

Let’s take a brief look at life, at our environment, at all the tragic things that are happening and have happened in history, and then, how it, throughout history changes our outlook, our appreciation for each other, and how our love for our fellowman changes and then how we realize what is truly important.

For years, I have said to my children, “There is always something good that comes out of something bad. We may not see it at the time, but a little while down the road, we look back, smile and realize that was one of the greatest lessons in life”. Our tribulations are always our greatest success.

When my son was 3 ½ weeks old, he had open-heart surgery. Unbeknownst to us at that time, he had a 25% survival rate. I am so grateful that he was one of the survivors! However, during this time, I asked myself, “Why me? What did I do wrong? I didn’t drink. I didn’t smoke. I didn’t even have caffeine… What did I do wrong?” I felt like I was living in a horrible nightmare. But a few weeks down the road, I was bringing my son home, weighing just over 7 pounds. I can’t express in words how that awakened me to just how beautiful life is and how much I treasured it. Our greatest tribulations are often our greatest successes.

We, in North America, live in a very abundant world, a world of plenty of food and water, beautiful homes, and fresh air to breathe, or at least we used to… are times changing? What is happening with our weather patterns, what has happened to our food chains? And now China is speaking of being a nation unto itself. How many products in your home have a “Made in China” label on it? There is talk of other nations doing the same. What is going on?

A couple of years ago, my daughter and I made a trip to Cuba. We were dismayed at the poverty! Our hearts and eyes were so opened as we toured the Cuban countryside. It was truly life changing. The appreciation we felt when we came home for all that we had was immense! The Cuban people were some of the most beautiful heart-centered people I have ever met. They show so much gratitude for the smallest of things. We gifted a little Dollarstore barbie to a Cuban gentleman who delivered beverages to our room. He accepted the gift for his daughter with tears of gratitude streaming down his face. It was life changing for us. It was part of a great awakening for my daughter and I. The attitude of gratitude that the Cuban people have was incredible.

Now let’s fast forward to today. Let’s start off with how we felt when we were all in lock-down when COVID-19 hit. How much did we miss the human interaction? How much did we miss those hugs from our parents, our grandchildren, our children, and close friends? Yet, we found ways to still show that love… through “Hearts in the Window” through horn honking and pot banging in appreciation of our essential service workers, through birthday parade drive-bys, and on and on we can go… it awakened us to a new level of appreciation.

Then look at the tragic story of George Floyd, yet on the upside of this, look at how it is bringing forth a worldwide surge in a fight against racism… something that has been long past due!

Tragic world history has always changed our views on life. When Hurricane Irma, one of the nations strongest recorded hurricanes in history, hit the Caribbean and Florida, people from all over the world traveled to assist these areas. Tragedy again opened our hearts to help out.

Now we have another storm hitting the western seaboard… raging fires ravaging through cities and forests, claiming lives. There are the hurricanes that are hitting the eastern seaboard. Drastic weather changes, pending food shortages, black lives matter, what is this all about? The Great Awakening? Is there more to the Great Awakening? What is your thoughts on this?

What do we have to do to change what is happening with our planet? The answer lies within all of us, yet sometimes is buried so deeply and there is so much noise from the outside mind and from world ego, that we can’t hear the message that is crying out to be heard. If we calm our minds and truly listen to our hearts, through love, there is always an answer. Look at how beautifully our planet started to heal itself, when everyone was in lock-down… no cars, no plains, no factories… the pollution was almost silent and look how quickly our atmosphere healed itself, how the oceans became clear, we just have to take the time and listen, take the time to love, take the time to go within, to reach into our hearts and feel what really matters through all these storms.

How do we calm our minds through all these storms? How do we stop the mind chatter and go within? Do you have difficulty in stopping all of that chatter? Would you like to find a solution that could fast track you to that inner silence? A Lucia No3 Light session can do all that and more! Book your session today!

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