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Supercharge Your Brain with Lucia No.3 Light Energy

The brain is able and known to heal the body at any stage of illness. Light therapy can play a central role in this healing treating various conditions including mood disorders, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, tumors and compulsive and mental disorders. The range of applications is unlimited and it helps you experience greater clarity, better sleep, greater calm, and peace.

Lucia Light No 3 is a light therapy, deeply relaxing, immersive experience of light, sound and sacred geometry. It supercharges the brain with light energy. Light enters the retina and stimulates the pineal gland, which opens up to create an amazing and powerful kaleidoscopic experience of vivid colors, psychedelic effects and sacred geometric shapes and forms.

The Lucia Light, a neurostimulator combines a stroboscope, flexible in both speed and intensity, with a constant light available in different degrees of brightness. The computer-controlled interaction of these light sources activates different ways of experiencing intense world of colours and shapes.

Inspired by a series of recurring dreams, Lucia was created in 2009. Lucia creates brainwave patterns that would usually only appear after several years of meditation practice.

Ancient cultures, including the Mayans, Egyptians, and Native Americans were aware of effects of bright light on consciousness. Gazing into the flames of a flickering fire or other bright light source, in dark caves, lead to expanded, altered states. Often people would experience mystical states of bliss, deep peace and oneness with spirit, receiving oracles, divinations and healing.

The pineal gland is believed to be the seat of the soul and is the bridge to higher consciousness. In most adults, the pineal is calcified through fluoride in water, mercury in seafood, refined food, bromide, pesticides in food, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, etc. The pineal gland is a light receptor, a pea sized crystalline, pine coned shaped structure that is in the center of our brain. It regulates our hormonal, reproductive and sleep cycles.

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) a nature occurring psychedelic compound, is found in all living plants (peyote, mesclun, Ayahuasca, magic mushrooms) and mammals. Shamans and Indigenous Healers use these plants to reach a dimension of light consciousness, where all healing begins. DMT is naturally manufactured and released by the pineal gland, and is an integral part of our death, birth, death, psychic and visionary experiences. Bright light is believed to stimulate the release of DMT that awakens the pineal gland.

The universe is all light and sound. All matter is fragments of light, as we are light beings with a body that is a transmitter and receiver of light energy. Light and consciousness reflects the dual nature of one and the same phenomenon.

Imagine using your own brain power to take control and give yourself permission to let in creativity and joy, and become rooted in the present moment. Lay claim to your true self. Experience greater clarity, better sleep, greater calm and peace. Discover how the Lucia Light No3 can supercharge your brain with powerful light energy. Making positive changes towards health and breaking habits that don’t serve you can be challenging; embracing the power of light allows your inner mind and instant true connection to your higher self.

(Article shared by Andrea Wagemaker)

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