Lucia N°03 Light Machine Awards

What Makes Lucia different from other Light Therapy?

Recently, there have been products on the market that are taking advantage of the unique technology of Lucia N°03. The developers of Lucia N°03 distinguish themselves in relation to competitors as follows:

1) Only Lucia N°03 uses the combination of constant- and flickering light. The technology is protected by international patents. This combination opens up a unique light experience.

2) The effectiveness of Lucia N°03 is based on light sequences (“sessions”), which can be exclusively generated with the Lucia N°03 technology. The sessions have been compiled according to specific criteria of interdisciplinary near-death experience research. 



The WHO (World Health Organization) refers to the

Lucia N°03 Light Machine as a revolution in the Health Care Field!


The Lucia N°03 Light Machine has won several international awards, including:


Gold Medal
IENA - Ideas-Inventions-New Products,
Nuremberg, Germany 2011




Gold Medal
International Invention Fair
of the Middle East, Kuwait 2010







Bronze Medal
Salon International Des Inventions
De Genève, Switzerland 2010

You have to find what sparks a light in you,

So that in your own way,

You can illuminate the world!

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