Finding the Light Within You!

Lucia N°03

The Lucia N°03 was developed in Austria and entered the European market in 2012.  It was brought to Canada in 2015.  There are only 14 Lucia Lights in Canada and approximately 20 in the United States of America! 

The Lucia N°03 Light Experience

You will be welcomed like a member of her family as you enter the studio.  Sit down and relax and feel free to ask any questions you may have about this unique experience.  Read over the waiver (anyone who suffers from seizures or epilepsy are not advised for these sessions due to flashing light).  


As you lay back, you will enjoy being pampered being covered up by cozy blankets and listen to soft music.  As you close your eyes and the light emerges, be mesmerized as it brings you into a world of unimaginable peace and beauty.  It will be difficult to think of anything else as the light appears to dance right in front of you (eye lids are closed).  


You will begin with three trial sessions to find your comfort level, which will be followed by one longer session.  The light attendant will be in the room throughout to answer any questions and/or to ensure that you are comfortable at all times.  The session can be stopped at any time.  Your comfort and enjoyment are of utmost importance.  


As the light turns off, enjoy an aroma of an essential oil spray and then a little pampering of some grounding work with essential oils as you gently return to reality.  When you are ready, open your eyes and share the experience if you desire, over a cup of tea.  

What is it Like to be Under the Light?

See the Vimeo Video Below.

Shine Like the Whole Universe is Yours!

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