About Beth

After an incredible 25 years in an administration and management environment, including working for the RCMP and in the Head Offices of large construction corporations, Beth decided it was time to venture out on her own.  Upon contemplating what it was she really desired to do and what would bring her happiness and satisfaction in a career, she decided that she was looking for something that would help people in their day to day life and yet something that would help them find their inner strengths and realization of to who they truly are. 


In January 2018, Beth attended a spiritual workshop in Vancouver.  At the close of the workshop, the instructor spoke about a Lucia Light meditation that he had and how amazing it was.  This immediately piqued her interest.  Beth was staying with a friend in North Vancouver, who “happened” to have a friend staying with her, who “happened” to have her own Lucia Light.  After an evening of Lucia Light conversation, Beth knew this leading-edge light technology was exactly what she had put out to the universe and immediately began the process of starting up her own business. 

Since Beth has been doing her own Lucia Light Meditations, she has noticed that she not only goes to sleep within minutes at night, but continues to have a beautiful restful night's sleep.  She has also noticed an incredible reduced amount of stress, even through opening up her business.  A Lucia Light Meditation is truly a gift and I am excited to be able to share it with all of you!


What do others say about Beth?


Upon one of her clients suggesting she have an "About" page, Beth decided she would ask her friends to describe her in 2 or 3 words.  This is what she received:  


  • Forever evolving, very engaging, and great hugger – BB – Quadra Island, BC 

  • Intuitive – warm – love your heart – love your soul – MI – Courtenay, BC

  • Positive and caring – CA – Port Alberni, BC

  • Beautiful, Loving Goddess (okay so that’s three) – LM – Wetaskiwin, AB

  • Fun loving – SW – Nanaimo, BC

  • Special and unique – AC – Yaguajay, Cuba

  • A heart full of love and light, a soul that is beautiful, your presence beams with honesty, trust and graciousness.  Love you.  NK – Campbell River, BC

  • Beautiful inspiration – ME – Nanaimo, BC

  • Warm, intelligent, and caring – JV – Campbell River, BC

  • Welcoming and warm.  Sensitive and bright spirit.  Open arms always there for you.  Amazing woman! – TG – Campbell River, BC

  • Happy and positive – CS – Victoria, BC

  • Kind, welcoming, beautiful, and inspirational – CH – Courtenay, BC

  • Positively caring – HU – Allan, SK

  • Of course all the good things about you dear friend… the list is long… I treasure you as many do… I have always loved your honesty in being human… the trails of life have made you have the courage to do many things of importance in touching people’s lives… giving you empathy and compassion for another’s heart… and wanting to spread that inner light of yours to encourage people to do what feels right them has always been one of your heart’s goal and that you do it as you can in your own special and unique ways with love and caring… you’re a forever blessing my dear winter friend.  Keep shining Beth… you are a light of your own doings.  Amazing woman! – LT – Port Alberni, BC

  • Inspirational, beautiful, fun, honest, happy.  Just a wonderful person – JC – Courtenay, BC

And this was Beth's response to all of the beautiful notes above:

"Thank you so much everyone! You are all such a treasure in my life and I have been so blessed by having each and everyone of you come into my life. Some people say that it is hard to find a good friend in this world... I say... I have been very blessed with many... If I was asked what I felt was something that has always been in abundance in my life, I would say that I have always been blessed with an abundance of beautiful people in my life, a life full of a lot of love... and that my dear friends and family, includes all of you! I am very grateful for your friendship and the sharing of all of your love! You all hold a very special dear place in my heart! I am very touched by your words! Thank you! xo"