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Imagine a light that...


Can bring you into deeper meditations, can leave you feeling relaxed yet energized, can bring you a better night's sleep, and that stimulates an endocrine system gland that is instrumental in releasing three key hormones which promote our overall health and well-being! 

Lucia No.3 Light meditations do all that and more and it is all due to the way it activates our pineal gland.

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Spiritual Advancement

  • Deeper Meditations

  • Increased intuition

  • Feeling of timelessness & spacelessness

  • Mindfulness

  • Detachment from the body

  • Light travel

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Mental & Emotional Well-being

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced anxiety & stress

  • Reduced depression

  • Promotion of happiness, inner peace & emotional stability

  • Helps with SAD

  • Helps with PTSD

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Improved Physical Health

  • Activation of release of hormones related to health and longevity

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Supercharge Your Brain with Light Energy

  • Increased learning

  • Increased creativity

  • Assisting through mind & creative blocks

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Alzheimer's Disease

  • Recent studies show the benefits of flashing light for Alzheimer's patients

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  • Many have found that their addictions are just "falling away".